Welcome to Ogata Whale Watching tour! Here, “Tosa-bay” is the only place where you can meet the Bryde's whale in Japan. Let’s make unforgettable memory of whales! Please read the instructions below to spend wonderful time with whales, safely and happily.

Departure information


Sea Aurora tour! Let’s go to see “Sea sparkle”
Quest on the Ocean! Whole day tour with guide
Sea food BBQ tour
A herd of whales tour

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No tour scheduled―
Updated at 5pm the previous day.

Vacant information

□⇒Operating day (no reservations made)、△⇒Operation undecided (less than 4 passengers reserved)、Full⇒Full、●⇒Operation confirmed (seats still available)、TEL⇒Reservation by phone only

Update at any time、but vacant information is constantly changing. Therefore please contact us directly about latest information.

Passenger Fee and Cancellation



(From 7 to 12 years old)


(From 3 to 6 years old)


Under 3years

We cannot accept


  • This price includes guide fee and insurance fee.
  • Payment is cash oy credit card or PayPay on site.
  • We operate the tours with minimum 4 adult passengers.If you defray the same amount of the fee as 4 adults (\32,000), We operate the tour.
  • Must be made before 13:00 of the previous day of the tour.
  • Penalty : The cancellation after 13:00 of the previous day and the cancellation without informing, we charge 100% passenger fee as cancellation penalty. *We will send you claim note.

Departure time

  • 10:00
    (Meeting time 9:30)
Saturday、Sunday、Public Holiday(5/2-5/6, 7/27~8/31)
  • 8:00
    (Meeting time 7:30)
  • 13:00
    (Meeting time 12:30)


  • The tour normally takes around 4 hours, sometimes takes more to look for whales. Therefore, please take enough time in your plan.
  • We will ask how much you have extra time.
  • If you have a schedule (train, bus and so on) after the tour, please inform us it in advance.

Special Tour

Quest on the Ocean! Whole day tour with guide
departure date 2024/6/7,8 & 7/12,13
timetable 8:00~16:00 (Meeting time 7:30)
required time 8 hours
fee Adults : \15,000
Children (From 7 to 12 years old) : \9,000
*including guide fee, insurance fee, boxed lunch, drink
minimum passenger
adults 6 people

A herd of whales tour
departure date 2024/9/20,21,27,28
timetable 8:00~16:00 (Meeting time 7:30)
required time 8 hours
fee Adults : \15,000
Children (From 7 to 12 years old) : \9,000
*including guide fee, insurance fee, boxed lunch, drink
minimum passenger
adults 6 people

Sea Aurora tour! Let’s go to see “Sea sparkle”
departure date service outage
timetable 19:00~20:00 (sunset) : Story of sea aurora, making device of Sea firefly 20:00 (sunset)~ : 21:00 Departure 21:00~ : Sea firefly watching
required time 2 hours
fee Adults : \5,000
Children (under 12 years old) : \3,000
*including guide fee, insurance fee
minimum passenger
adults 4 people(maximum 12 people)

Sea food BBQ tour
departure date service outage
timetable 8:00~ : Whale Watching (Meeting time 7:30) 12:30~ : Seafood BBQ
*There might be a change in schedule.
required time 8 hours
fee Adults : \20,000
Children (From 7 to 12 years old) : \10,000
Infants (From 3 to 6 years old) : \2,000
*including guide fee, insurance fee
minimum passenger
adults 6 people (maximum 24 people)

From Reservation to Departure

❶ We accept reservation 3 days before the tour

Fill out the necessary information on the Reservation form. (Date, Time, The number of passengers, Age, Name, Current address, Telephone number, e-mail address, The name of the accommodation on previous night, Transportation)
We will inform you with e-mail after checking empty seats.

* When we get minimum passenger fee (4 adult fee : \32,000) 3 days before the tour, we make the tour.

❷ Final confirmation (previous night)

We make the final decision considering weather and sea conditions the day before the tour. We will inform you that we conduct the tour or not, at 17:00 the day before the tour. Therefore, please check your e-mail. (You can also check it in the Departure information. [◯On time, ×Cancelled])

* We put the highest priority to safety.
 ・When the conditions change, we cancel the tour, even if on the day. In this case, we inform you it in the morning.
 ・We may stop the tour and get back to the port depending on weather and sea conditions.

❸ Departure

Please be at “Whale watching center (Irino port)” 30 min before the departure time. The nearest station to the port is “Tosa-Irino” station. It takes 30 min from the station to the port on foot.

* Please do not throw away garbage, vomiting bags, etc. in the sea and take them to the port by yourself.
* When you delay the departure time, the boat may depart. In this case, we charge you cellation penalty.

Notes on reservation

  • We cannot accept pregnant women and women who have possibility of pregnancy.
  • We cannot accept children under 3 years old.

The equipment of the boats (The boats are fishing boats)

  • Toilet:Each boat has a toilet.
  • Shading:There are sunbreaks of each boat. In the case of cold day, the captain may put away sunbreaks.

We do our very best to make you spend a wonderful time with whales and dolphins. But, we cannot control them, and cannot guarantee it. We do not refund the fee even though you meet nothing on the tour. Instead of it, we present you post cards. Please understand it, and apply the tour.

Clothes and Equipment

  • You should avoid skirts and high-heels. Comfortable clothes and sneakers are better.
  • Even in summer time, you may feel cold on the sea. Please, take the clothes with which you can control the body temperature.
  • Hat or Cap. Take care of being blown off.

Prepare by yourself

  • Clothing for light exercise (Skirt ×)
  • Jacket (for sun protection and cold weather)
  • Slip resistant shoes (Heel shoes ×)
  • Cap that won't blow away in the wind, Towel, Sun glasses, Sunscreen
  • Raincoat
  • Take measures for heatstroke
  • If you are sensitive to sea sickness, please take medicine. We do not sell the medicine, please prepare it by yourself.
  • You can take lunches, snacks and beverages on the boat. But, alcohol is strictly prohibited. Please refrain from bringing alcohol on the boat.
  • You should take camera and video, but take care about splash or submerge.

* We prepare life jacket.

The Procedure of the Day

❶ Meeting time
Please be at the Whale watching center (Irino port) 30 min before the departure time. It is better time to take a medicine for sea sickness.

❷ Check in and
When entering the Whale Watching Center, all passengers will undergo hand disinfection. The representative should fill out the "boarding list" and pay for it. Payment is prepayment. For smooth reception process, please prepare so that there is no change or pay with credit card or PayPay.

❸ Story of Whales,
Dolphins and
  • We show the story about whales, dolphins, and other creatures whom we can meet during the tour. Also, we give instructions to avoid the danger.
  • There is no English speaker guide on the boat, so we prepare English leaflet of it.
  • We have sick bags, please ask us before embarking.

* For cetacean research, if whale feces and skin are found floating in the sea, the ship will be stopped for about 10 minutes to collect them.

❹ Boarding
  • It is better to go to the toilet before boarding.
  • Our boats are fish boats. Therefore, they are not barrier-free.
  • You use the ladder to go on board and get off the boat. Depending on the ebb and flow of the tide, distance will be big. Please watch your steps.
  • We hand out life jackets. Please, put on life jacket certainly.

* We give the explanatory leaflet of equipment and communication sheet for emergency.

❺ Departure

During the tour, the boat may roll irregularly. Do not run, holding the rail to move on the boat. On emergency, you can use the communication sheet to communication to the caption.
The captain will search whales with might and main, but to increase the possibility to meet whales, please cooperate with the captain and other passengers to search whales.

* Please do not throw away garbage, vomiting bags, etc. to the port by yourself and throw them into the dedicated trash box after returning to the port.

❻ Disembark
Please leave life jackets on the boat. In the case when you meet nothing (no whales, no dolphins), we present you post card. At the Whale watching center, cooperate to fill out a questionnaire, please. The tour finish. We hope you continue nice travel.

Thank you very much. We are waiting for your boarding. We make our best for you to have an amazing moment to meet whales and dolphins. When you get good photos, videos and fantastic memories, please leave them on our Facebook review.

  • Irino227-ロ, Kuroshio-cho, Hata-gun, Kochi 789-1931